Project MetaFi Launches $PMETA Token

3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Project MetaFi is anticipating launching its P2E/RPG Metaverse gaming project in Q4 2022

Project MetaFi combines Metaverse with DeFi to create the ultimate platform for its end users. Their plan is simple, to create a Metaverse platform in which users can play-2-earn, role play and collaborate/socialise with one another building a community focused project in which anyone can be whoever they decide to be, all whilst being rewarded in the native token $PMETA.

Introducing Project MetaFi

Project MetaFi is a project built by a team that was founded by 3 graduates out of an idea they had about creating a game together. The 3 founding members share the same passion about gaming and blockchain technology which led to Project MetaFi being established to create a community driven platform and build an entire ecosystem with its own native currency $PMETA.

Project MetaFi’s ecosystem is built up by a combination of different segments, the main concept is the Metaverse Gaming platform which will be powered by Unity Gaming Engine and allow users to free roam, socialize, play-2-earn and will be combined with the ability to scan NFT’s into the Metaverse.

The Metaverse Gaming Platform will be coupled to the native currency $PMETA which will have its own characteristics such as being a DeFi token which will allow users to be rewarded for holding and give the team the funds to pay for development and maintenance through the smart taxation system on transactions all whilst reducing the supply through burns and strengthening the liquidity pool.

Use cases

$PMETA will have a variety of use cases which will assist in strengthening and expanding the ecosystem.

  • Users will receive rewards for holding their tokens in form of $BUSD, this will allow time for the development team to go through their project road map.
  • Users will be allowed to stake their $PMETA in staking pools to earn even more rewards, the funds for this will be raised by using development tokens or by buying back tokens.
  • Users will be able to mint NFT’s by scanning items with an app that will be created and users would pay small fees in the native currency $PMETA
  • Users will be allowed to purchase land, houses/apartments or shared space in the Metaverse using $PMETA. The native currency will also act as a method of payment for anything in the Metaverse marketplaces and paid features etc.
  • Users will be able to play to earn more $PMETA in games hosted in on the Metaverse.

Release schedule

The team will be kickstarting their project by releasing the native currency $PMETA to the public initially via a Private seed sale round which will move onto a Whitelisted + KYC/Audited Presale via Pinksale and then subsequently launched on Pancakeswap.


  • 1,000,000,000 Max Supply
  • 66,000,000 Private sale
  • 306,000,000 Presale
  • 161,700,000 Liquidity
  • 270,000,000 Development/Game rewards (Locked/Vested)
  • 180,000,000 Burnt

Each transaction carries a 10% tax of which the breakdown is:

  • 4% BUSD rewards to holders
  • 4% Marketing
  • 1% Liquidity strengthening
  • 1% Buyback/Burn

Project MetaFi ($PMETA) is running on BNB Chain (BSC)

Contract address: 0xc63a76a5b2674569dcc01e107f9041956a662240


To summarise, the project has a concept which incorporates many different areas allowing for creation of a versatile ecosystem with the Metaverse platform, DeFi token, NFT’s, staking ability and being a native currency of the platform. The Metaverse platform will allow users to socialize, game and free roam which will allow for a wider adoption as users begin to join in and this will allow the developers to continuously expand and grow their vision.


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